What Costs are Involved?  
The initial first consultation fee is $ 250. The surgical fee for vasectomy reversal is $3,500. Anaesthetist fees and operating theatre fees and hospital charges vary according to duration of the operation. Generally this is in the range of $ 5-6000. Therefore, the total cost is about $9,500. This is an estimate, more details can be provide by contacting the hospital prior to admission particularly regarding overnight admission should it be preferred.

It is intended that both left and right sides will be reversed.  Occassionally only one side can be reversed or the surgery may take longer than expected. The hospital fees may vary if operating time is shorter or longer than expected.

Post Operative Review Appointment No Charge

A brief Review appointment six weeks following the surgery is required to perform a brief physical exam and discuss the operation findings again. A semen analysis will usually be requested after this appointment. Further advice regarding pregnancy will be provided.

Email Enquiries No Charge

Personal replies to email enquiries will be provided. However detailed discussion requires a clinic appointment and email is intended to provide brief answers to specific questions not covered in the information sheet


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