How successful is this procedure

What is the likelihood of a vasectomy reversal being successful?

The most important factor predicting success is the time since the initial vasectomy.  For those men less than three years since the procedure the chance of reversal resulting in satisfactory sperm counts is approximately 90%.  At five years this reduces to 70% and if more than ten years has elapsed only 50% of men will have a satisfactory semen analysis.  The pregnancy rate after reversal is approximately two thirds (66%) of these men with satisfactory sperm count.  Other important factors include:

  •  type of procedure performed initially;

  •  complications such as infection at the time of vasectomy;

  •  previous history of infertility or poor semen analysis

  •  medical conditions such as diabetes or chronic illness.

Consideration of any female factors likely to compromise fertility should be discussed prior to vasectomy reversal.  In particular, the following female factors may reduce the chance of pregnancy:

  • female age more than 35 years;

  • history of female pelvic infection;

  • history of tubal surgery;

  • history of previous infertility.


Dr Greg Phillipson
Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
MicroSurgeon & IVF specialist for men and women.
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